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List Abbreviations & Acronyms

Partners and Units

  • PopdataBC Population Data B.C.
  • PHLO Population Health and Learning Observatory (former name for Population Data B.C.)
  • CHSPR Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
  • HELP Human Early Learning Partnership
  • SOEH School of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
  • CFIS College for Interdisciplinary Studies

Funding Agencies

  • CFI Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • CHSRF Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
  • BCHRF BC Health Research Foundation
  • MSF Michael Smith Foundation
  • MSFHR Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
  • CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Other Organizations:

  • MoH Ministry of Health
  • MCFD Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • BCCA BC Cancer Agency
  • IHSPR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (on 4th floor).
  • FOGS Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • CYDTRU Child & Youth Developmental Trajectories Research Unit
  • CHILD Consortium for Health, Intervention, Learning and Development Project
  • WCB Workers Compensation Board - now called Worksafe B.C.
  • OIPC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Data Sources:

  • MSP Medical Services Plan
  • PIM Payment Information Master
  • R&PB Registration and Premium Billing
  • LCF Linkage Coordinating File
  • NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • EDI Early Development Instrument
  • FSA Foundation Skills Assessment
  • LDI Late Development Instrument

Data Elements:

  • PHN Personal Health Number
  • PEN Personal Education Number
  • MSP # Medical Services Plan Number

PHLO Project Specific (Population Health Learning Observatory - precursor to PopData)

  • IMU Identifier Management Unit
  • HSZ High Security Zone
  • PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
  • PDS PopdataBC Directory Service.
  • The initiative groups are as follows:
    • Data Liaison
    • Identifier Management Unit
    • Systems and Security.
  • IDC Infrastructure development committee. This committee is made up of the leads of the initiative groups to discuss issues that affect them all.


  • PI Principal Investigator
  • TTP Trusted Third Party
  • TUA Transfer under agreement: the agreement that governs the relationship between the Ministry of Health and CHSPR.
  • FOIPPA Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Legisltation applying to the public sector)
  • PIPEDA Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is a new Federal law that protects personal information in the hands of private sector organizations.
  • Dia (pronounced "Dee-aah" not "D-eye-ah") is an open source graphics drawing package
  • GIS Geographic Information Systems (Mapping)

RLU (Researcher Liaison Unit) Specific

  • RDSLU – Researcher and Data Steward Liaison Unit (consists of RLU and Privacy/Policy units)
  • DSU – Data Services Unit
  • DAR – Data Access Request
  • RA – Research Agreement
  • BCLHD – BC Linked Health Database

Data Stewards/sources

  • MoH(S) – Ministry of Health (Services)
  • VSA – BC Vital Statistics Agency (Vital Stats)
  • BCCA – BC Cancer Agency
  • PNet – PharmaNet
  • PCare - PharmaCare
  • RDAF – Research Data Access Framework
  • EDI – Early Development Instrument
  • HELP - Human Early Learning Partnership

  • CHSPR – Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
  • GOC – Governance Oversight Committee
  • SRE – Secure Research Environment
  • DAD – Discharge Abstract Database – Hospital Separations Data
  • DS – Data Steward
  • ISA – Information Sharing Agreement
  • FIPPA – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • PI – Principal Investigator
  • DSWG (or RDAC) – Data Stewards Working Group (or Research Data Access Committee - no longer in use)