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This page is for articles of interest to PHLO and others, divided by category. This page was maintained and updated by Shawna Reibling.

Current Events of Interest

  • Example of an organization tracking their policy impact in a database The International Polar Year Publications Database. The IPYPD will attempt to identify and describe all publications that result from, or that are about, the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008 and the three previous IPYs. The IPYPD currently describes 60 publications. This number is expected to grow to approximately 20,000 publications ten years from now.

Data Protection Law/Privacy Law

  • If you register for an online gift registry, some products can not be listed online if it violates the partnership agreement of the online store. I.e. Posturepedic won't license anyone else to sell their products online except through their website. Watch wording, etc. in any partnership agreements.

Ernst and Young Global Information Security survey of 1,200 public organisations in nearly 50 countries found only 52 percent addressing privacy and data protection with formal procedures.

  • (Feb 16, 2007) - A U.K. security company is warning that smokers may impact IT security, leaving open doors that could let in intruders who could abuse a company’s network. The company hired NTA to test if it was possible to get inside the premises without proper identification, Hills said. The penetration tester waited until the smokers finished their break, then slipped in through the unlocked door, which wasn’t the main one but was publicly accessible. The tester—who skirted past other employees by saying the IT department had sent him—made his way to a meeting room, where he hooked up his laptop to the company’s voice-over-IP (VoIP) network, Hills said. The tester could have launched a denial-of-service attack or intercepted phone calls. However, the VoIP network was segregated from the company’s data network. -Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service

This study not only assesses the current condition of educational institution IT security practice, but documents changes in practice over time among a constant set of respondents. The study is supported with qualitative interviews from 18 higher education institutions and organizations and with three case studies.

Excerpt: "The Privacy Network is a community based self-service portal that promotes collaborative solution and technology development. Our mission is to facilitate sharing, debate and development of forward facing privacy laws, policies and especially technologies by bringing together and creating networked internet-based communities involving policymakers, researchers, practical implementers and regulator"

Excerpt: December 16th, 2007: In a key departure from the previous position, the taskforce said: "Some patients may ask for their summary care record not to be shared or uploaded at all."

Excerpt: The Treaty of Plum, would allow police and other security agencies in different countries to search each other’s databases for DNA records, fingerprints, vehicle registrations and other personal information. During its E.U. presidency, Germany hopes to...turn the private Treaty of Plum into E.U. law.

Health Research and Policy

Excerpt: "Canadian funding agencies are no longer content to support research that solely advances scientific knowledge, and key directives are now in place to promote research transfer to policy- and decision-makers. Therefore, it is necessary to improve our understanding of how researchers are trained and supported to facilitate knowledge translation activities. In this study, we investigated differences in health researcher characteristics and knowledge translation activities."

Other Links

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