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This page is for discussion of user documentation for SRE, mostly on => => SRE help .
  • There is a section for each page of information.
  • Each section should have a ToDo list of corrections/improvements.
    Discussion about each section (web page), can be branched off into a separate detail page.
  • Each to do item should be marked with the assignee's initials in curly brackets, ex: {DL} . Do this both on the summary page and detail page. Enclose in triple apostrophes to bold. When item is done, replace initials with {done}.
  • Trick: links in red indicate missing page -- click to create it.
  • NOTE: used to be called "Portal"
  • NOTE: most changes to SRE help pages should be duplciated on SRTL and RTL help pages.

Design elements of my.PopData web pages

Initial Email to new researchers about privacy {DONE/2012}

Initial email to researchers about privacy - DONE (KA)

Email to new researchers about setting up access {DONE/2012}

Email on accessing SRE

SRE changes 2018-03

  • Rolling out Windows 10
    • Review instructions for sign out (as opposed to close window)

List of other Pages

  • 2016-08
Referred from ITEM URL Amendments
 ?? SREOrientation_guide.pdf media/documents/SRETroubleshooting_guide.pdf SecurID

List of Pages on TAB pull-down menu

  • 2016-08
TAB ITEM URL Amendments
Getting Started home.html SRE-docs_home
* Requirements for access accessreq.html RLU->DAU SRE-docs_accessreq
* YubiKey or SecurID tokens 2factorID.html SRE-docs_2factor SecurID
* Orientation video orientation_video.html Change logoff instruction near end.
* SRE Terms of Use ../Privacy_Policy/SRE_TermsOfUse.html
* Windows users windows/installing.html
* Mac OS X users mac/installing.html SRE-docs_mac_installing right-click
* Windows users windows/connecting.html SRE-docs_connect_Win
* Mac OS X users mac/connecting.html SRE-docs_connect_Mac
 ?? old mac SecurID page ?? mac/connect-SecurID-mac.html delete all references
Working in SRE
* Overview working/overview.html
Using the R drive working/using_R_drive.html SRE-Docs_using_R_drive quotas
NEED NEW PAGE: Coding Hints with links to existing and new pages on unzipping, importing, syntax ...
Unzipping project files working/unzipping.html SRE-docs_unzipping
SPSS import wizard working/SPSS_import_wizard.html RLU->DAU SRE-docs_SPSS_import_wizard
SPSS syntax file working/SPSS_syntax_file.html RLU->DAU SRE-docs_SPSS_syntax_file
File transfers in and out working/file_transfers.html Samples of bad imp/exp. | SRE-docs_transfer
Data security procedures working/data_security.html
Project closure working/project_closure.html RLU->DAU
Available software software.html
* Available machines /sre/available
Data quality issues data_quality_issues.html RLU->DAU
* Technical support tech_support.html
* Account info /account/login
* Change passphrase /account/login/?next=/password
* /account/logout logout

Note: * indicates there is a similar page for SRTL