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  • This project aims to create a health data sharing environment for BC. The project involves technical and non-technical components: creating the environment itself, policies, processes and services around who can have access to the data. This also includes discussing what data to include, and rules/regulations around those that are providing the data.
  • The purpose of bringing data together is for research, quality improvement, evaluation and surveillance purposes.
  • It will be federated system.
  • It will not be a central data - data ownership and management will stay with the partner organizations sharing data.

Project members


  • MOH
  • BC Health Authorities
  • BC Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)
  • BC Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) unit


  • Kim McGrail
  • Tavinder Ark


May 23: Working group to provide recommendations around metadata management requirements for the project. This includes acquiring, storing, access and maintenance.

May 24: Working group meetings to provide recommendations to implementation of data for this project as secondary use. This includes discussion around location, transformation, and de-identification process occurs. The goal is to provide MVP and complete solutions to 5 major issues:

  1. Store data as copy or represent as view.
  2. Location of source data.
  3. Extract data when requested, or cache at central.
  4. Extent of linking, merging and transforming information.
  5. Where to de-identify data.

May 31: Working group provide ratings of data sets to first acquire & discussion around exploring use of SAIL software to meet MVP requirements.