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Cooling - Air Conditioning for server room SPPH-233

Machine Model Serial#
#1 "Ben" (South) Liebert DS3 VH110 GUBAES S103 926103-1
#2 "Gerry" (North) Liebert DS3 VH110 GUBAES S103 926103-2

The above is taken from black 3-ring binder on top of Ben.

  • Handwritten service records from 2007-06-12 "Fixed humidifier problem" to 2012-10-12 [adjusted fan thermostat] "All is well"
  • Also a "Operation and Maintenance Manual" for "Liebert Deluxe System /t".
    • p1: Model info: VH=upflow; 110=thousand BTU/h; G=glycol cooled; U=4 step DX; B=575/3/60; A=Advanced microporcessor; E=electric reheat; S=Steam generating humidifier.
  • Heat exchangers are on the roof.
  • Regular maintenance
    • Check filters monthly (esp. when warning light & audible alarm indicate excess pressure
    • Replace memory backup battery for remembering alarm history during power failure.
  • 2014-09-15 After 2 power outages last Sep 11 and 12, the active machine "Ben" (S. end) read "HIGH HEAD PRESSURE 1" (N. machine "Gerry" was OK. This did not trigger an audio alarm, but Prakash sent a technician around 8:15. Kaitlyn was unable to let him into server room (233).
    • At 10:15 Brian James (?) managed to fix the problem, which first persisted over a stop/start cycle. He explained that luckily for us one of the 2 stages kept running all weekend, otherwise the temperature rise could have been disastrous.
  • 2016-02 power outage
  • 2018-08-20 Condensation on floor under active North machine 2 "Gerry"; mop up with rag. Apparently Mike retired, and PlantOps has only one staff for entire campus. After intervention by Stefan Mladenovic and David G, Plantops sent someone who diagnosed clogged condensate drain, but was not a service guy. David and Ryoko unclogged drain, no more overflow onto floor. South machine 1 "Ben" was turned on, but many diagnostics were displayed and no cooling!

Need to add standard procedures, service schedule, contact numbers...