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Registering tapes at Iron Mountain

  • go to
  • Login->SecureSync
  • Select "OM Distribution List
  • Select "Add to Media Distribution List"
  • Choose "keyboard/wedge scanner"
  • Enter tapes, "Enter" after each
  • Submit
  • Prepare Report
  • Print report, put in box with tapes
  • lock with padlock
  • put out in cabinet by front desk before 9am Thursday

Iron Mountain Tape Rotation - Old Red Zone

Iron Mountain arrives every second Thursday for a pickup/delivery. To prepare for a pickup, access the tapes in the locked file cabinet across from the backup server Milo. The key can be found in the key lock box. There are two brown boxes sitting in front on the main shelf labelled "recently removed tapes" and "to iron mountain". Load the tapes from the "to iron mountain box" into one of the blue carrying cases. Follow the instructions in the previous section to register these tapes with Iron Mountain.

Move the tapes from the "recently removed tapes" box to the "to iron mountain" box. If there aren't any tapes to be moved, remove the most recently written tape from the tape carousel and put this into the "to iron mountain" box. This way there will still be something to send offsite for the next pickup. Any tape removed from the carousel in the next two weeks go into the "recently removed tapes" box.

Tape Rotation - Old Red Zone

When a tape is filled, remove it from the carousel and store it in the "recently removed tapes" box. Use the "h-inc-pool" and/or "h-pool" scripts to list the cabinet tapes sorted by when they were last written to. Select a replacement tape from these lists, but try to keep all the newer tapes (within 6 months) and a sample of the oldest tapes. Incremental tapes are generally labelled H51 and higher, full backups tapes are H50 and lower). Select the appropriate tape(s) (incremental or full backup) and load them into the carousel. These tapes must first be marked as recycled in the arkeia backup program before it will make use of them (arkeia -> hardware -> tapes).

Another useful script is "chktapes". It displays the space remaining for the tapes loaded in the carousel. This script is automatically run each morning and the results emailed to the systems administrators.