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To Do List for Systems


  • move machines to new AD
  • Christy and Darrin VPN/portal access



  • migrate database
  • fix permissions of database
  • change mappings
  • board member access


  • test out Perry's slowness
  • put UVIC sync on production system
  • put extra software on SRE machines (David)
  • Find last two laptops
  • power supply for one laptop?
  • fix race condition on UVIC sync


  • SecurID for Yan Yan
  • allow SRE access page
  • redirect sre info pages
  • proper backup of AD servers
  • resync chspr ldap
  • move chspr desktops to AD
  • add HLM 6.07 and MLwin software on SRE
  • add dynamic dns for sre machines
  • add system status to sre info page
  • fix dying sre status script


  • install new popdata website
  • fix Localsettings template for wiki farm
  • upgrade drupal
  • migrate to cartier
  • CAHSPR website final details
  • upgrade wordpress
  • upgrade to zimbra 6.x
  • finish fixing media galleries for WP/Anita


  • reconfig SAN switches
    • add port security
  • re-add sticky macs to SAN/mgmt switches
  • more testing of new SAN
  • change cables for 2nd aisle
  • fix internal routing for
  • do SSL reverse proxy
  • fix certificate for journx

Small Stuff

  • get license total for Timeline and buy
  • Send photo account to Nancy H.
  • talk to hugh about mailing list
  • return reader to Luca
  • pay digital smart homes invoice
  • submit receipt for water cooler
  • P-card receipts to Adrienne
  • schedule maintenance for UPS
  • phone splitter & D/A converter
  • talk to Ronnie
  • Gordie about FOBs
  • caitlin access to share on thompson (templates)
  • project information form
  • clean up redzone


  • Upgrade PopData servers to debian/lenny: cabot
  • migrate CHSPR DNS
  • move whistler machines services to maple
  • move media catalogue
  • split redzone backup
  • backup maple
  • fix remaining problems with redzone backup


  • put inventory on web
  • add computer to vid conf unit
  • setup Commvault meeting for SNAG
  • put conference videos on web
  • move Lisa's data to redzone


  • GPO to log people out of SRE
  • Registration page (also used for courses, and SRE demo accounts)
  • configure GPOs
  • get people to update passwords
  • move SRE machines to new AD
  • configure new U: drive
  • create accounts page
  • setup group for census data on SRE
  • copy production to test website
  • trunk 2 switches
  • save switch configs
  • send Nina receipts for Steve's domains
  • create accounts for Nate Bell
  • pay zimbra
  • check if SAS JV was paid
  • migrate chspr users to zimbra
  • migrate backup CHSPR/HELP/SOEH to Popdata
  • development env in yellowzone for brent
  • move video server to maple
  • order HP servers
  • setup Sun meeting for SNAG
  • get new snag certificate

Todone - Completed Items