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The Plan

  • upgrade philby (my machine) [done]
  • upgrade install server [done]
    • create new VM w/debian 9 [done]
    • set up install server on it [done]
    • use it to install another VM [done]
    • once correct, use it to reinstall hudson [done]
    • move install server to hudson [done]
    • remove VMs [done]
  • fix problem with HP monitoring packages [done]
  • upgrade our debian packages [done]
  • fix yubikey stuff [done]
  • upgrade payette1 (test SRE) [done]
  • upgrade thompson2 (PDS development)
    • create new VM with debian 9 (thompson3) [done]
    • install latest django [done]
    • copy thomson2 PDS/etc. to thompson3 [done]
    • fix all problem [done]
    • copy and changes for thompson2
    • rename thompson3 to thompson2
  • upgrade nicollet (archive server) [done]
  • upgrade fidler (backup) [done]
  • upgrade cortereal (rtl) [done]
  • upgrade drake (srtl) [done]
  • upgrade cook (net services) [done]
  • upgrade rae (sre linux) [done]
  • upgrade cabot (logs) [done]
  • upgrade champlain
  • upgrade cartier (Web) [done]
  • upgrade san3 (SAN)
  • upgrade san4 (SAN)
  • upgrade fraser (SRE) [done]
  • upgrade bondar (SRE) [done]
  • upgrade hubbard (SRE) [done]
  • upgrade noyon (SRE) [done]
  • upgrade verendrye (SRE) [done]
  • upgrade kelsey (KVM server) [done]
  • upgrade sasamat (journyx) [done]
  • upgrade verrazzano (email)
    • upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04
  • upgrade sullivan


  • upgrade vancouver (firewall) [done]
  • upgrade cheadle (backup) [done]
  • upgrade hearne (RZ VMs) [done]
    • move to mirrored SSDs (SSDs acted wieird) [done]
    • upgrade image for VMs (saving til later) [done]
  • upgrade stefansson (RZ VMs) [done]
    • move to mirrored SSDs [done]
    • upgrade image for VMs [done]
  • upgrade mackenzie (net services) [done]
  • upgrade franklin (terminal server)
  • upgrade ericsson (link) [done]
  • upgrade defuca (prepare) [done]
  • upgrade george (extract) [done]


HP Stuff

(Now in package)

cd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
ln -s
ln -s
cd /bin
echo '#!/bin/bash' > /bin/rpm
echo 'echo "hp-snmp-agents-10.60-2936.31.el7_3.x86_64"' >> /bin/rpm
chmod 755 /bin/rpm