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Emergency - rally points

  • in case of fire, across the street in front of Michael Smith building
  • in case of earthquake, traffic circle near UBC store

PopData Activities

  • See PopData BC Events - Calendar
  • Monthly team meeting: first Thursday 11:30AM Lounge
  • Stretching - daily 11:00AM, 3:00PM, Lounge

Vacation / Out of office

  • Post to units blog (details not required)

Sick notice

  • Post to units blog (details not required)
  • Advise admin at time of writing Abigail Torrijos <atorrijos@popdata.bc.ca>
  • Advise supervisor, email is fine

Web applications/sites of interest

 * https://mydev.popdata.bc.ca
 * https://pdsdev.popdata.bc.ca
 * https://thompson.popdata.bc.ca - only the "old automation" system
 * thompson2.popdata.bc.ca aka thompson2 - home for pdsdev, metadata central development, app tracker development online dar development
 * sullivan - production app tracker, mdc, online dar etc.


Shared Files

  • Alfresco - General shared file repository
 Should be mapped to P: \\gilbert.popdata.bc.ca\Alfresco
  • Shoebox - Data and project related shared file repository
 Should be mapped to X: \\gilbert.popdata.bc.ca\shoebox
  • Personal file share (backed up, unlike your system)
 Should be mapped to  \\gilbert.popdata.bc.ca\users\[USER]
  • Red / Yellow Zone file transfers:

General background diagrams / files

  • General information, what we do:
 P:\Communications\Templates\PowerPoint Presentations
  • The data input and data output flowcharts should be around:
 P:\Data Sourcing\Administrative Documents\Data Flowchart - Intake to Extract

Red Zone(s) and Servers


  • Defuca (incoming, content/identifier separation, collection preparation) - encrypted mounts raw/projects


  • george2 aka george (replaced george) - research extract preparation (cohort study population, research extract preparation, Popid keyed files, study id keyed files prepped for release)


  • ericsson - record linkage - identifiers and record linkage work but limited research content (components that crossover)
  • payette - 2nd linkage system